Tuesday, April 25, 2006

spent a week in the jungle and the pampas - jungle shots

jungle is hot. very hot.
and very humid. and thick. and dense. and moist.
and lots and lots and lots of mosquitos.
you hear a lot of wildlife, but it's hard to see them since the forest is so thick. still had a great time doing a bunch of hikes, eating a lot (they feed you so much on tours for some reason), and made some jewelry from nuts (there's a joke in there somewhere). also learned a lot about all the different medicinal plants and trees.
the brown waters of the beni river leading to the jungles of madidi national forest

this capabyra (wild pig thing) swam across the beni river, and here he is finally reaching land.

our camp

spider web

orange mushrooms

me tarzan


Anonymous lindsay said...

those orange mushrooms are rad!

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