Thursday, March 31, 2005

they turned the water off yesterday

now i realize what blogs are for.
it’s nothing but a forum for bitching and moaning.

with that being said, here’s my bitch session for the day.
the bathrooms in our work complex are a notch above gas station toilets.
now imagine the entire building having it’s water turned off for a day like it was yesterday, and what the bathrooms would be like.

some idiot decided to take a dump not realizing the toilets can’t flush, leaving his crap to ferment all day.
2:00, the toilets reached typhoid / hepatitis-a status. i’ve used port-o-potties and squatters in third world countries that were more sanitary.
4:00, there was urine all over the floor, there was shit on the seat (excuse me, was someone take jump shots while shitting?) and a new swarm of pets (mosquitoes and flies) were circling the area. of course the faucets didn’t work, so don’t even think of washing off any of the diseases you might have acquired.
the bathrooms have now surpassed the gas station standard.

that was yesterday.
i had the pleasure this morning of being the first one to use the bathroom. i was pleasantly surprised to see the faucets working, so i knew the water was turned on again.
i went to the toilet which had the cover pulled down.
i lifted the seat up, and have you ever walked into a port-o-potty on the 3rd day of an outdoor music fest and that whiff that hits you is like a fecal tornado.
that’s what i experienced.
i vomited, well actually not a full on puke, because i was not going to put my face anywhere near the typhoid toilet. but it was the liquid type, bile coming up that you catch in your throat that makes your eyes tear. that’s what happened.
i had the pleasure of having to flush the toilet three times before using it. you could imagine the shit stains that were in the bowl.
i’m gonna be sick the rest of the day……

oh, and one last thing.
do you think management could fill the fucking paper towel dispenser?
for religious reasons, i refuse to touch the doorknob with any part of my exposed skin.
i think in the future, i’m going to drive down to the gas station when i’ve got to pee.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

mother nature bats last

we keep fucking up the planet, eventually the planet is going to fuck us back:

if we're not careful, the next generation is going to be the last of us dinosaurs.

happy polluting!

Monday, March 28, 2005

blog virgin no more

my first posting.
can't think of anything to say.
gonna start working on building my website.
then i'll have stuff to show and tell.
for now i'm just occupying valuable space in cyberspace and occupying valuable space on this planet.

thanks for reading.
now go away.